Our core belief is that your divine design, as expressed in Ephesians 2:10, is more knowable than you realize. You are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which He has prepared in advance, that you should walk in them. With the right tools, courageous dialogue, and an experienced guide, you can accelerate progress in articulating your life vision and aligning your life vocation. You can and should know your Life Younique; your God-given identity and your God inspired dreams. Most importantly, you can discern and design the practical next steps to get there.
You’ve probably noticed a world of products to help you fulfill your potential. You’ve walked through the self-help section at Barnes and Noble and you’ve participated in that discipleship class at church. You’ve been jolted by inspiring Twitter quotes and scrolled through life planning products online. You’ve even taken your fair share of personality tests and spiritual gift inventories. At the end of the day there’s lots of good stuff out there. But what does it all add up to? A glimpse of insight, once in a while? A whisper of motivation, perhaps? Certainly a deeper understanding of what it means to follow Christ in general. Yet, in the end, most of these things don’t help you to actually fulfill your potential. Most “product-only” approaches fail to deliver one thing: Breakthrough.
Younique is founded by two pastors who became trainers and coaches to the broader church - Will Mancini and Dave Rhodes. Will Mancini is the founder of Auxano and the author of numerous books (Building Leaders, Church Unique, Innovating Discipleship and God Dreams) on helping the church become effective at organized discipleship and visionary planning. Dave Rhodes is the Pastor of Discipleship and Movement Initiatives at Grace Fellowship Church in Atlanta, GA. He is the Co-Founder of Wayfarer and most recently led the national team at 3DM, an organization dedicated to embedding discipleship, leadership development and missional practices into the local church culture. He is the author of Refining Normal.

Will and Dave have a deep passion and demonstrated track record for creating breakthrough with great tools and experiences. Most importantly, they believe the greatest need in the church today is to release the personal vision of the people of God.